Homemade Cards

When was the last time you made a greeting card? Have you ever?

Growing up, my brother and I always made our cards. Just a piece of construction paper and/or printed photo plus some felt-pens—a few minutes later we had a card!

Then as an adult, I started buying cards—because that’s what adults do, right?

But somehow the sentiment didn’t feel the same. The experience of giving a card with someone else’s words written in it didn’t cultivate the same experience of Connectedness that I got from card-making as a child. I didn’t feel as connected with my own values or the receiver of the card.

So, I started to create cards again, but I was struggling to keep it from feeling childish……then along came the Cricut! My parents gave me this crafting machine for Christmas last month and I LOVE IT. It provides the perfect way to make my own cards while also feeling like an adult.

I recently sent the birthday card below to my mother-in-law, and the card at the top of the post is a Valentine’s gift for my husband. Both took a while to design and make, but I loved every moment. I got to cultivate Connectedness with the important people in my life while staying true to my values and enjoying the creative process.

So here’s to continuing the tradition of making cards as an adult 🥂

Happy card-making!


P.S., I’m going to be honest–the Cricut is expensive and not for the faint-hearted crafter. If you’re looking to make your own card but don’t own a Cricut, I recommend creating homemade collage photos like the one below—thanks to Erin Gleeson’s cookbook, The Forest Feast: Gatherings, for the inspiration!

P.P.S, Shout-out to my parents for their generous gift, and to my mother-in-law for being the guinea pig for my first Cricut birthday card 💗

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