The Four Connectedness Relationships

We can improve our spiritual health by cultivating Connectedness in the following four types of relationships: self, community, environment, transcendent.

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We experience Connectedness with ourself by:

  • cultivating personal awareness
  • living by our values
  • finding a purpose in life
  • working on our mental and emotional well-being
  • having a healthy relationship with our physical body
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We experience Connectedness with our community by:

  • remembering we are not alone
  • cultivating relationships with other people, like:
    • family and friends
    • groups (religious, sports, musical, etc.)
    • tight-knit neighborhoods
    • the entire human species
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We experience Connectedness with our environment by:

  • living in harmony with our surroundings
  • remembering we are part of nature
  • treating our homes, cities, and the Earth with dignity
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We experience Connectedness with the transcendent by:

  • acknowledging there is more to life than our physical experiences
  • being open to the power of mystery
  • believing in the abstract, ineffable, and what we can’t see, like:
    • God
    • Love
    • Karma
    • The mind-boggling idea that we are, as Carl Sagan suggests, made of “star stuff” because the atoms in our bodies come from deceased stars

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