About Science of Connectedness

Science of Connectedness helps people better cultivate Connectedness and improve their spiritual health using research-based ideas.

I started Science of Connectedness (SofC) as a small blog in March 2016 for a course at Harvard Divinity School. Since then, it has become a company, which I established in 2018, and a more complex website offering both research and services.

Within the research section of the website, I publicly share my academically-published definition of spirituality, which I developed at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Divinity School. I also continue to provide a blog of research-based spiritual health tools as well as the Connectedness Evaluation—a spiritual health assessment I developed in collaboration with a medical doctor. 

In the services section, I put my Connectedness research into practice, offering spiritual support in the form of Connectedness Coaching. Although I primarily work with Religious Nones, I am open to working with people of all religious affiliations as well as all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations. Interested? Schedule a free consultation. 

Happy connecting,

Sarah E. K. Lentz, M.Div.
Researcher + Spiritual Director
Owner, Science of Connectedness, LLC

My research-based definition is widely applicable and founded on the idea that spirituality is a fundamental part of the human experience. Read more.

Yellow Flower

The definition of spirituality refers to four types of relationships in which we cultivate Connectedness. Read more. 





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