cultivating spiritual health with research-based tools

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Spirituality is a feeling of connection to something greater, or simply, Connectedness, which is inherently desired and experienced by cultivating a relationship with oneself, one’s community, one’s environment, and one’s orientation with the transcendent.

– Sarah E. K. Lentz –


I first developed my definition of spirituality in 2012 while studying at UBC. This work then brought me to Harvard, where I spent three years further refining my definition based on research, education, and personal experience. My goal with this website is to publicly share my work alongside a variety of research-based spiritual tools with the hope that readers will use these resources to improve their spiritual health and more easily discuss spirituality across a variety of personal and professional situations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy connecting!

Sarah E. K. Lentz, M.Div.
Owner, Science of Connectedness, LLC